Hi, my name is David Kiria and I study history at the Tbilisi State University. I am specifically interested in the late history of our world, the period between 18th century to now, I think that from that period of time, mankind advanced in numerous spheres, not only technologically but regarding the humanitarian spheres. If you compare the situation regarding the human rights, things have changed drastically, from zero value for a humans life, we came to the period where in most countries human rights are defended by every instance of the government, people from now don’t imagine what our ancestors had to endure in their times, that is what I am writing about, in the previous part of my article I was writing about the situation that was in my country Georgia, in times of the Soviet union, and specifically I was researching the music scene of Georgia in those times, how did the Georgian music culture develop in times of prohibitions and laws that harshly treated anyone who was suspected in the liking of any part of the western culture. It is true that when people are oppressed, no matter how hard the oppression is, people will still find a way to protest and move forward, this was a case in the countries of the Soviet Union, the laws where so harsh and absurd towards the people that it naturally caused a big wave of protest, but not in a apparent way, because protesting against the Soviet Union was considered to be treason and was treated in extremely brutal ways.

In the previous part I was talking about the period of mid 60s and 70s, when the Georgian youngsters discovered rock music of the western world and step by step in the underground of course, music bands started to emerge, people started listening to Georgian rock music and that was a significant part of Georgian music culture, in this chapter I want to talk about the 90s which where radically different in Georgia. Even though Georgia received independence after the clash of the Soviet Union things didn’t get any better from then, people thought that independence would bring them peace and prosperity but it was not the case, because Russia, the head of the Soviet Union wouldn’t give up their proclaimed territory that easy, in the early 90s conflict started in the western part of Georgia, Abkhazians with the help of Russian wanted independence from Georgia, even though Abkhazian people where not the ones who inhabited Abkhazia in the past, the conflict took a dramatic turn for Georgia, for a country that didn’t have significant troops and resources to resist Russian aggression, had to give up Abkhazia. With thousands of injured and many more fleeing from western Georgia, the countries economical situation couldn’t have been worse, the country was dragged in the period of extreme poverty and economical disaster, it is easy to imagine that in that period nothing was new in the musical world of Georgia, on top of that until early 2000s Georgian government was severely corrupted and it added more problems to the Georgian people.

It was not until early 2000s that Georgia started to slowly develop and come out of the crisis that floated like a monster on top of Georgian people, from that time the government that was pro Russian changed and was replaced by the government that was oriented towards the western world, that made a difference in the musical industry of Georgia, artists started to produce music because they saw that perspective was slowly rising in the country. Georgian artists that were established in the foreign countries slowly started to return to their homeland and that was a sign that Georgian music world was progressing.

Bera is a popular Georgian singer, born and raised in Paris, France, he came back to Georgia to establish his career here, Bera is a part of the new generation of music makers in Georgia, he is currently producing Pop albums in Georgia, but he is also a successful rapper too. Bera recalls that he was only a child when he had to witness the harsh period in Georgia, now he understands that his country had come a long and exhausting way to be where it is now, 20 years earlier people couldn’t afford to have the basic equipment to record and sell their songs. The Georgian music industry for now continues it’s path towards big standards of the world, the recording studios are becoming more and more advanced and the audience is starting to listen to the Georgian singers, on top of that Georgian house and dance music is progressing to, many popular performers come to play in Georgia, because for them it kind of a new thing to come and play in the country that is dramatically progressing in the sense of music.



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Playing Run Gamings
With the explosion of application games, and also laid-back video gaming generally as a significant subset of the gaming industry, a range of styles have actually appeared that didn’t exist previously. Among those categories is the Run 3 game, or the running video game. Simple to play as well as understandable, these video games all feature various skins as well as various styles, however ultimately they all have virtually the very same suggestion.

What Are Run Games?

The short answer is that a run video game is a game where a Raze 3 gamer guides a running figure via an obstacle training course as that personality is gone after by some kind of hazard. Maybe an astronaut ranging from aliens, a miner fleeing a collapse, or virtually other kind of situation. The style is the same though; there is a personality taking off from some threat, and the player needs to help the character by routing them around barriers that would certainly or else squash or kill them, leaving them in the path of the important things that’s chasing it.

Some Run Video Game Examples

Perhaps one of the most popular run video games out there at the moment is Temple Run. Designed by Imangi Studios, this Unblocked Games has actually had actually a number of variations released for the iPad, apple iphone as well as various other devices.

Other video games such as Raze 3 , Flooding Runner and its follows up, Checkpoint, Cavern Run, as well as various other games all follow the same, basic themes of this endless operating video game category. Whether it’s defeating feet via a dark cavern or dashing at superhuman rate through a city to soothe bombs, a run game constantly comes down to the same fast reflexes as well as feeling of what’s occurring when it comes time for a player Unblocked Games At School to get to the last levels.


The controls of any type of run game are very easy. For Vex 3 games where players see a side-scrolling runner there’s generally bit more compared to a dive switch and also a slide button; one to go over barriers and one to go under them.

Tips and Tricks

In running video Cool Math Games there’s just one point that players have to appear in advance; fast reflexes as well as a quick eye. For gamers that have a quick twitch reflex as well as that can mash the right switch in the best instructions, these games are essentially one, huge quick time event that duplicates over and over again.

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There’s no reason to invest a whole lot of money to play cubefield, particularly because many of them are casual video games at finest. That’s why we have all the most popular run games available on our site as well as open to the public.